Sheet metal
EN AW 1050

An alloy with an aluminium purity of 99% that's ideal for the chemical industry. Available in custom formats and sizes upon request.

The purity of the aluminium in this series is always > 99%. Available in both Mill Finish and Diamond Plate, the main features include a limited mechanical strength, good ductility, high thermal and electrical conductivity, and an excellent aptitude for surface finishing.

An alloy with low mechanical strength. The major applications include: the chemical and food industries, heat exchangers, packaging, and electrical conductors.

technical characteristics

Weldability: good


Surface treatments

  • Technical anodisation: optimal
  • Decorative anodisation: suitable

Workability: sufficient


Resistance to corrosion

  • Normal atmospheres: poor
  • Marine atmospheres: poor


The alloy 1050 with Mill Finish is available in the physical state H18 and H24 in thicknesses ranging from 0.5 to 6 mm for all commercial formats, or else from coils in the size specified by the client. Other formats and custom sizes are available upon request.

The alloy 1050 H24 with Diamond Plating is available in the thicknesses of 2, 3, and 5 mm for all commercial formats, or else from coils in the size specified by the client.

General information

Chemical composition (% weight) 


Physical properties

1 MPa = 1 N/mm2 = 0.10197 kg/mm2

  • Specific weight (g/cm3): 2.7
  • Elastic modulus (MPa): 70000
  • Thermal conductivity (W/m °C):  209
  • Electrical conductivity at 20°C (m/ Ω mm²): 28
  • Thermal expansion coefficient (10 -6/K): 23.8
  • Melting range (°C): 650-658

mechanical properties

Indicative values

Tensile strength Rm (N/mm3)Yield strength Rp 0.2Elongation A5Hardness HB


Physical stateSpecific thickness (mm)Specific thickness (mm)Rm MPaRm MPaRp0.2 MPaRp0.2 MPaMin. elasticity (%)Min. elasticity (%)Radius of curvatureRadius of curvatureHardness HBWa
overup tomin.max.min.max.A50 mmA180°90°
H180.20.513512011.0 t42
H180.51.514012022.0 t42
H181.53.014012023.0 t42
H220.20.5851255540.5 t0 t27
H220.51.5851255550.5 t0 t27
H221.53.0851255560.5 t0.5 t27
H223.06.08512555111.0 t1.0 t27
H226.012.58512555122.0 t27
H240.20.21051457531.0 t0 t33
H240.50.51051457541.0 t0.5 t33
H241.51.51051457551.0 t1.0 t33
H243.03.01051457581.5 t1.5 t33
H246.06.01051457582.5 t33


  • Possibility of applying 80 and 100 micron PVC;
  • Possibility of custom planishing for the customer.
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