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We have learned through hands-on experience.

In order to help you gain time, we offer our best solutions to optimise the synergy between cost and quality.

Because success is a team result.

Warehouse and Logistics

An advanced fleet of machinery with precision circular saw cutting for dimensions of up to 2000x6000x250mm, saw cuts for thicknesses even greater than 1100mm, and a continuously updated stock with more than 5,000 tonnes of high quality aluminium, all to offer you fa...

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Milled plates in custom thicknesses

We have learned through hands-on experience, and over the years we have developed innovative solutions for the packaging and mechanical engineering industries.

Our precision Precisal and Level Cast milled plates guarantee:

  • Formal Stability/

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Our services include

  • Rotating aluminium discs up to 2000mm
  • Rings and Flanges In Aluminium
  • Cut To Size
  • Circular saw cutting
  • Application of 70 and 100 Micron PVC
  • 100 Micron PVC Applications
  • Milled aluminium plates (1 or 2 sides)
  • Ground plates custom thicknesses
  • Pre-processing
  • Mechanical processing
  • Water cutting
  • Bar cutting
  • Consulting
  • Copper
  • Brass
  • Bronze
  • Aluminium bronze
  • Logistics and Transport
  • Precision disc cutting up to 250mm
  • Belt cutting up to 1100x2000x4000mm
  • Precision circular saw cutting 250x2000x6000mm
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