Aluminium Plates

Rolled plates for moulds

We began with moulds, and have an in-depth knowledge of the need for high-quality rolled plates for the construction of moulds and models.

Baratè Alluminio offers a comprehensive assortment of rolled plates, even in superior thicknesses, and in all types of alloys; 2017, 2024, 5083, 6082, 7022 and 7075. Our rolled products are manufactured using the most modern stress relieving techniques, allowing for the production of entirely flat rolled products with no residual internal stress.

We have been carefully selecting our suppliers since 1933; we believe that high-quality raw materials can help our clients save time and achieve their goals more quickly. Creating success. Together.

Ergal (EN AW 7075)

Ergal 7075 is used for the construction of production moulds, as well as machinery and equipment that's subjected to significant static and...

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Peraluman (EN AW 5083)

Peraluman is an alloy with mid-range mechanical properties used for machinery components that are subjected to light stresses.This alloy has op...

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Certal (EN AW 7022)

This alloy was created to meet the mould manufacturers' demand for a material that would be capable of offering the uncompromising hardness...

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