Bars and tubes for packaging and mechanical engineering

Our knowledge of the world of aluminium is at your complete disposal.

We carefully select our suppliers in order to offer you extruded and drawn bars, tubes and tubular profiles of the best possible quality. We select our suppliers with the utmost care, because we understand all the requirements of the mechanical engineering industry and manufacturers of automated machinery. Our tried and tested methods have led us to become a reference point for manufacturers of machinery and mechanical components.

Having learned through hands-on experience, Baratè is dedicated to continuously improving its bar cutting lines, ensuring the complete traceability of its products, and providing its customers with increasingly rapid services.

We offer quality and low cost, to gain time and create success. Together.


Bar (EN AW 2007)

An alternative to alloy 2011 that boasts even better mechanical characteristics. The use of this alloy is recommended for applications that req...

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Bar 11S (EN AW 2011)

Alloy 2011 or 11S was created to provide maximum workability on automatic lathes. The main alloying element is copper, which provides this allo...

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Tube (EN AW 6060)

This ideal alloy for tubes and tubular profiles is particularly suitable for construction applications involving curtain walls, doors and windo...

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Ergal (EN AW 7075)

Alloy 7075 is the alloy with the best mechanical properties. Its main alloying element is zinc, which gives this alloy an excellent hardne...

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