aluminium for plastic injection moulds

Aluminium for moulds

Our added value for this sector consists of our cutting and delivery speed, as well as the use of innovative materials.

Our major area of skill and interest.

In addition to traditional rolled alloys for moulds, our natural propensity for innovation also allows us to offer two innovative products that guarantee:

  • Formal stability/absence of internal stress
  • Uniform mechanical properties
  • Thickness availability

Since they are not subjected to the pressure of the rolling rolls, these products do not have any unwanted crystalline structures. 

We only use primary aluminium plates in order to guarantee the absence of any impurities.

Available in two versions, Castal Premium 50 and Alcast, this material will help expedite your processing activities while at the same time creating value.

We can produce blocks of any size for the construction of utensils, moulds, and models.

The use of high-tech machinery also allows us to handle all types of jobs in extremely rapid time frames.

The standard dimensions of our products are the following:

  • 1550X3000X600
  • 1650X3680X600
  • 1950X4500X600
  • 2200X4000X600
  • 1350x6000x600
  • 1360X6000X600
  • 1650X3200X1000
  • 1750x3200x800
  • 2200X2800X1050

Alloys for traditional moulds:

  • 2017T451
  • 5083H111
  • 6082T651
  • 7075T651

Alloys for innovative moulds:

  • Castal premium 50 5083H0
  • Alcast 7021T6