Cast plates for mechanical engineering and packaging

Our natural propensity for innovation has led us to become one of the first companies in Europe to develop cast products as a valid alternative to traditional rolled plates.

We have learned through hands-on experience, and today we have become one of the leading companies in our field. Our technologically-advanced products will allow you to save time and generate success, even in the mechanical engineering industry.

Available in both a harder and softer version; Castal Premium 50 and 70 are capable of satisfying the needs of even the most demanding customers; since they're free of the crystalline structures caused by the rolling process, these products offer unparalleled formal stability and utensil workability.

Created for the construction of moulds and utensils, in recent years they have also become quite popular in the field of general mechanics for all types of products that require significant machining or heavy unloading. We produce from blocks ranging from small to extra-large. Your projects will no longer be constrained by measurements of any kind.

Thanks to their excellent workability, exceptional dimensional stability, and range of available thicknesses, Castal Premium 50 and 70 represent an ideal investment for saving time and costs. Because success is a team result.

Alcast (EN AW 7021)

Thanks to its high mechanical strength, excellent gloss, and dimensional stability during use and processing, Alcast is suitable for creating m...

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