Aluminium for mechanical engineering and packaging

The common characteristics of all our products include innovative technologies and materials, and quality in all aspects, including completeness (of stock availability) and planarity of our plates.

Since 1933, we have carefully selected our suppliers in order to offer aluminium plates of exceptional quality. In addition to a vast and widely-varied stock of bars made from commercial alloys, we offer 5000, 6000, 2000 and 7000 series plates in order to meet and satisfy every requirement.

We have learned through hands-on experience, and over the years we have developed innovative solutions for the packaging and mechanical engineering industries.

Our precision Precisal and Level Cast milled plates guarantee:

Formal Stability/Absence of internal stress

  • Planarity
  • Reduced tolerances
  • Customisable thicknesses

We find the best solutions for your products. Because success is a team result.



  • Traditional plates (Alloy 2017T451, 5083H111, 6082T651, 7075T651) 
  • Innovative plates (Precisal Cast 50 5083H0, Level Cast 50 5083H0, Alcast fresato 7021T6, Alcast fresato 7021T6)
  • Rods/bars and tubes (Alloy 2011,6026,  6060, 6063, 6082 and 7075)