Aluminium Plates

Rolled plate
Avional 100
EN AW 2017

An alloy that's widely used for the construction of moulds or parts subject to high levels of static or dynamic stress.

Used in place of the 2007 and 2011 alloy in the hydraulics industry. This alloy's main alloying element is copper, and its main characteristic is its elasticity, which renders this alloy particularly suitable for a wide range of applications.

technical characteristics


  • TIG/MIG: difficult
  • For resistance: difficult
  • For repairs: sufficient

Surface treatments

  • Technical anodisation: good
  • Decorative anodisation: sufficient
  • Photoengraving: suitable


Avional 2017 is available in the hardened, stretched and artificially aged state (T451) in thicknesses ranging from 8 to 120 mm; for greater thickness, we recommend using Castal Premium 70 (7021 T6) instead, wherever possible.

Thickness (from…to) [mm]Rm [MPa]Rp0.2 [MPa]ASO [%]HB
8 - 12027527516110

General information

Chemical Composition (%weight)


Physical properties (state T451, indicative values)
1 MPa = 1 N/mm2 = 0.10197 kg/mm2

  • Specific weight: 2.78 g/cm3
  • Elastic modulus: 72000 MPa
  • Thermal conductivity: 125-140 W/m K
  • Electrical conductivity: 19-21•106 S/m
  • Thermal linear expansion coefficient: (20°-100°C): 23.6·10-6 K-1

mechanical properties

Minimum values (state T451 / standard EN 485-2)

Thickness (from…to) [mm]Rm [MPa]Rp0.2 [MPa]A50 [%]
80 - 10038524010

Typical mechanical values for different thicknesses

Thickness (from…to) [mm]Rm [MPa]Rp0.2 [MPa]A50 [%]HB*
26 - 6027527516110


We offer a custom saw or belt cutting service. We also offer the following services:

  • Creation of profiles and parts using water cutting technology;
  • Rotating circular saw cutting and finishing using CNC technology;
  • Ring cutting;
  • Circular saw cutting and trimming.