Milled Alcast

Milled plate
Milled Alcast
EN AW 7021

Milled Alcast is a cast and subsequently milled alloy 7021 T6 with a controlled planarity tolerance and a thickness tolerance with a resolution of a tenth of a degree.

In order to ensure maximum protection, both faces are protected with 2-sided 100 micron laser PVC film. Used and highly appreciated for the production of precision mechanical components that require considerable mechanical properties, as well as a high degree of formal stability.

The main characteristic that distinguishes this alloy from rolled products is its high degree of dimensional stability.

technical characteristics


  • TIG/DC: good for repairs
  • Wire: AA 5183

Surface treatments

  • Hard anodisation: good
  • Suitability for polishing: optimal



Milled Alcast is easy to work and allows for high-speed processing thanks to its exceptional formal stability, the absence of any undesired crystalline structures, and its fine and compact microstructure.


Resistance to corrosion

  • Normal atmospheres: good


Milled Alcast is available in the thicknesses and widths listed below:

Thicknesses [mm]Format [mm]
10 - 1001570 x 3020

Other formats are available upon request.

General information

Chemical Composition (% weight)


Physical properties

1 MPa = 1 N/mm2 = 0.10197 kg/mm2

  • Specific weight: 2.78 g/cm3
  • Elastic modulus: 72000 MPa
  • Thermal conductivity: 150 W/m K
  • Electrical conductivity (T=20°C): 19-23·106 S/m
  • Thermal linear expansion coefficient: (20°-100°C): 23.6·10-6 K-1

mechanical properties

Minimum values

Thickness (from…to) [mm]Rm [MPa]Rp0.2 [MPa]A50 [%]
15 - 1503102801.5

Typical mechanical values for different thicknesses

Thickness (from…to) [mm]Rm [MPa]Rp0.2 [MPa]A50 [%]HB
150 - 4003453203.20135


Planarity and roughness tolerances

Thickness [mm]Thickness [mm]Planarity [mm/m] < =12 >15Roughness [µm]
20 - 100+ - 0.10.9 - 0.6 mm/metre0.7


Custom cuts can be made using a belt or circular saw upon request:

  • Creation of specially designed plates;
  • Creation of special profiles using water cutting technology;
  • Rotating circular saw cutting and finishing.