Aluminium for Turning Workshops (2)

EN AW 2007

The target sectors for the 2000 series alloys are mechanical turning workshops and manufacturers of hydraulic components.

An alternative to alloy 2011 that boasts even better mechanical characteristics. The use of this alloy is recommended for applications that require uncompromising workability and mechanical characteristics.
The main alloying element is copper, which, combined with magnesium, manganese and lead, provides the 2000 series alloy with exceptional mechanical characteristics.

technical characteristics

  • Workability: excellent
  • Resistance to atmospheric corrosion: good
  • Protective anodisation: sufficient
  • Plastic deformability: sufficient


The alloy 2007 is available extruded in the physical state T4/T6, and drawn in the physical state T3/T8. Other physical states are available upon request.

General information

Chemical composition (% weight)



Physical properties (state T6, indicative values)

  • Specific weight: 2.7 g/dm3
  • Density: 2.85 kg/dm3
  • Elastic modulus: 71000 MPa
  • Thermal expansion coefficient: 23.5 (x10-6/°C)
  • Thermal conductivity at 20 °C: 140 (W/mk)
  • Electrical resistivity at 20 °C: 0.057 (Ω mm2/m)

mechanical properties


StatusRm MPaRp 0.2 MPaA%HBW



StatusRm MPaRp 0.2 MPaA%HBW