Values, Mission and Vision

Investing in human capital and technology. Creating exclusive products and cutting-edge solutions for moulds, packaging, and mechanical engineering applications. Exalting the synergy of talent, professionalism, dedication, and the confidence of those who choose our brand. Because success is a team result.

It's hard to tell where the past ends and where the future begins. The time blends together, like metal in a foundry.

Our combination of knowledge, traditions, and progress has allowed us to achieve exceptional standards of quality in the production and distribution of innovative aluminium products for the industrial sector.

Our guidelines have always been based on cooperation, research and development, analyses, and rising to the market's challenges, right from the very start.

Our history makes our promise a guarantee: to offer our clients customised solutions, and to help them create their own success stories.


At Baratè, we have learned through hands-on experience.

We have always appreciated the value of innovation, and are entirely dedicated to manufacturing and distributing high-quality products that, combined with our company's rapidity, dynamism and efficiency, will allow us to create success for our clients.